LinkedIn Assistant

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool in generating B2B leads.  There is problem though, who has the time to discover new prospects, nurture the outreach and book calls?  What if there was a way to automate this process and just show up to a call with an already warm prospect ready to engage…

Introducing the LinkedIn Assistant.  This technology was built to help organizations quickly scale up their inbound leads.  Simply login, setup your account, add your searchable criteria (locations, titles, industries, etc.), and upload your outbound messaging.  Now just let the assistant go to work and automatically setup potential opportunities.  Once found, all the details are shared directly to your email awaiting you setup a closing appointment. It’s that simple.


Someone wise once said “work smarter, not harder”.  What are you waiting for?  Instead of spending all your time messaging potential prospects, let the assistant discover the interested ones. Focus on closing, not searching and messaging.

What’s included:


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  • Find Targeted Prospects 
  • Set & Forget Marketing
  • Automate & Scale B2B Opportunities