Social Listener

Imagine if you had a technology that searched all over Facebook and Twitter to uncover those prospects asking “Hey does anyone recommend a … ” and that was your business. Stop imagining.

Our Social Listener makes find leads or listening for your brand unbelievably easy.  Simply identify the keywords your prospects would search to find you, set your local location and instantly Social Listener will go to work listening for conversations. It will browse public posts and even scan the private groups you belong to in Facebook.  Once a conversation is discovered, the person, conversation and links are carefully organized and sent instantly to your email for review.  Time to go close!

Someone wise once said “don’t try to be the best in the business, be the first”.  What are you waiting for?  Instead of spending a lot of money with social media ads for customers to find you, why not find them.  Be the first to see your prospect asking for your service close that deal.



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  • Find Real Time Leads
  • Set & Forget Marketing
  • Automate & Scale Opportunities