The 11 Top Free Website Analytics Sites

If you are serious about increasing your website’s traffic, then you must acquaint yourself with website analytics. Website Analytics lets us look into how many views our website gets on a daily basis. It lets us know the demographics of our visitors; it lets us know which internal links they visit on a regular basis. In short, it is an essential tool for growing our website and maximizing its potential.

And the good news is, you do not have to splurge for these analytics. There are plenty of free website analytics sites that you can use.

The Best Free Website Analytics In Town!

While there are countless free website analytics tools, it would take you an eon to go through them all.

We’ve shortlisted the 11 best website analytics tools for you to choose from:

1. Google Analytics

Probably the one you are most familiar with, Google Analytics is one of the most intricate analytics systems you will find. But don’t let the intricacy of Google Analytics intimidate you — it is an extremely simple service to use. In fact, it is so simple and effective, that the majority of the most visited 10,000 websites on the Internet use Google Analytics.

So what do you get if you choose to go with Google Analytics?

  • Goals: you can set goals for your website and see if you hit them — i.e. did your website’s traffic increase from the previous month?
  • Campaign Tracking: this allows you to see which of your campaigns (email marketing, social media platforms) are performing the best
  • Advanced Demographics: you can look at the age group of your audience as well as where they are located, among other metrics
  • Site search: this feature lets you find the best methods for growing your website. This ranges from finding the best SEO keywords to expanding your product or service

These are just some of the great features which Google Analytics has. If you give it a try, you’ll see why it is the preferred analytics tool for countless websites.

2. Facebook Insights

If you use Facebook as an additional channel of promotion (and you should be using it) then Facebook Insights is a great free tool for tracking your analytics for your Facebook page.

It will tell you how many followers you have, how many likes you are getting, and how users are engaging with your content on your Facebook page. By identifying these visitors to your page, you can find ways to engage with them.

3. Linktrack

Linktrack’s free plan has many great features. This service allows you to create trackable links. This means that every time a user clicks on a link on your website it is recorded for you to analyze. This way you can see what the most popular links on your website are.

This can especially be useful if your website is trying to promote products or services. By having a trackable link to these products/services, you will know which ones are more popular amongst your users.

4. Yahoo Web Analytics

If you have become an expert at Google Analytics, you may want to up your game and transition to Yahoo Web Analytics.

This analytics tool is favored by both small businesses and large businesses. It can track your website’s visitors and how they engage with your content. This includes what links are visited the most. It also includes seeing which visitors are returning. It also allows you to create comprehensive reports which you can refer to in order to see how your website has been improving — or what still needs work.


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5. Google Website Optimizer

This service is specifically for seeing what is your most popular content. This will help you determine what is your best content and how to maximize its potential. You can also see what is failing and then determine how to improve upon it.

This is separate from Google Analytics (and does not require you to use it) and is specifically for directly analyzing content. If you have a content website then this is an option you should strongly consider.

6. SmarterStats

This advanced tracking service automatically tracks every single page of your website. This means you can analyze the popularity ranking of every page. Perhaps the ‘about me’ page is ranking high, but your product page is ranking low.

This analysis will tell you that you need to improve your product page — as visitors are interested in your company, but not to the extent that they check out what you are selling.

It has reports which can be generated based on tracking. It also allows the marketer to design custom reports. This can include creating reports of what the most popular and least popular pages are. It can also include creating reports which study the visitors.

A unique feature of SmarterStats is that it has SiteTuning. This feature analyzes your website to determine what is preventing it from making it search engine friendly. Perhaps your SEO needs some work? Maybe one part of your website is not designed well. SiteTuning will look at these issues and tell you what to do to make your website more visible in search engines.

Finally, the biggest takeaways of SmarterStats is the Data Mining feature. This lets you look deeply into your visitor’s behavior. You can see which pages they visit the most. You can see what they download the most. If you are trying to truly engage with your customers and be a customer-centric business, this is not something to miss.

What more can we say? Go ahead and give SmarterStats a try!

7. AWStats

If using Google Analytics is not your thing, then AWStats might be. This is an open-source analytics tool that is loved by small businesses.

This is a great tool for analyzing your user’s behavior. Here is what you get if you opt for this great tool:

  • The number of overall visits as well as the number of unique visitors (first time and irregular visits)
  • The duration of visits. This is especially useful when you want to determine which pages grab your audience’s attention the most and the least.
  • Peak times. When during the week is your website visited the most? During what hours is your website visited the most? This is a useful tool — especially if you create ‘live’ content
  • Geography. Like Google Analytics, AWStats let you see where in the world your visitors come from. This can help when targeting specific markets in specific countries
  • Robots and worms. This is crucial! Often our websites can be visited by bots or unfortunately, by worms. You want to make sure both of these are avoided.
  • Search engine keywords. This is a great way to optimize your SEO. You will be told what keywords are used to find your website. Use this to incorporate these keywords into your web copy.
  • HTTP errors. You will know which of your pages often return HTTP errors and are not always accessible.
  • Favorited. And if the above was not enough, you are also notified every time your website is added to someone’s favorites or bookmarks bar.

If you are convinced, then do not waste a moment in downloading AWStats!

8. Matomo (formerly Piwik)

The popular open-source analytics tool Piwik has now transformed into Matomo. While there are paid versions of Matomo, you can try the product for free — and we think you should.

Matomo has the following features:

  • Heatmaps. This is a way of looking at graphs with each metric shaded in a different color. This makes it easier to analyze the different metrics individually.
  • Sessions analytics. This lets you see how your users engage with your website. You will see where an individual user spends most of their time (on your website) and want content they engage with the most.
  • A/B Testing. Like with Google’s Optimizer tool, you can test individual pages on your website to see how they perform in comparison to other pages.
  • Visitor profiles. This is a huge feature for any business wishing to be customer-centric. You can create individual profiles for your visitors and analyze their engagement on your website. One should consider installing Form Abandonment on their websites as well.
  • SEO Features. Like some of the other analytics tools mentioned in this article, Matomo has advanced SEO features to make sure that your website will be highly ranked in search engines.
  • GDPR Manager. If you want your website to reach a global audience, you will have to comply with regional regulations. One of the biggest of these is GDPR in the European Union. With the GDPR Manager, Matomo has you covered.
  • Campaign tracking. You will be able to track how effective different campaigns are in reaching your target audience.

If your website has been growing and you want to have a detailed understanding of how visitors are engaging with it, then Matomo is the right choice for you.

9. GoingUp!

If you want a great analytics tool that is also simple to use then you want to consider GoingUp!

Particularly if your website sells products or services, then you want to know how it is faring. The graphs and reports which are offered are easy to read in comparison with other analytics tools. You can look at traffic trends to see how many visitors come in a day, in a month, and how many projected visitors there will be.

Additionally, GoingUp! comes with these great features:

  • Referring keywords. See which keywords are bringing visitors to your website.
  • User profile data. Like Matomo, you will get to create individual profiles for analyzing your visitor’s behavior patterns on your website.
  • Goals. Like many of the other analytics tools, you can set goals and see if you hit them as you make changes to your website.

GoingUp! also has certain features that are unique and unavailable on the other website analytics tools mentioned in this article. These include:

  • Inbound link monitoring. You will see what links bring in traffic to your own website. This includes a mention on another website, referrals from social media etc.
  • Google Pagerank. While you want your website to rank first on every search engine, Google remains number one. GoingUp! offers great tools to ease the process of getting your website a higher ranking on Google’s search results.
  • Public Web Statistics. You can see how your website compares with others and with competing websites. This is a great way to market your website (i.e., “we are the number one in home improvement websites…”)

If you not only want to analyze your website’s performance but get it as much recognition as possible – the only way is up!

10. StatCounter

If your website is in its early stages, you want to look into StatCounter.

For beginner websites, this is a great tool for looking at your traffic trends over time. You will be able to see how your website traffic is changing over a period of time. You can see if it is improving, is stagnant, or is decreasing. Based on these trends you can alter your marketing strategy.

While not as intricate as the other tools, if your website is just getting started – this may be all you need to understanding how your website is being received.

11. SimilarWeb

If you want to be ahead of the game, then look no further than SimilarWeb. This free tool lets you not only track the trends on your own website but to other similar websites. If you are the competitive type, you cannot miss this option.

If you sell products or services and want to be ahead of your competition, you get a chance to look into how your competition is doing. You can use these comparative reports to determine your marketing strategy so that you can always be one step ahead of other similar websites.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

Now that you know where to get the best free website analytics, it is time to sign up for the one (or a selection of a few) which serves your website the best. For any business that seriously wants to grow its web presence, a strong analytics tool is a must. Do not put this off for one minute!


With InsiderData360’s Visitor Identification software for your website, you can identify who’s on your website and follow up with them. If you can call them, you can close them.

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